Qari is a smart mobility lifestyle brand that helps you avoid the traffic and takes you to your destination faster than other transportations, without harming the environment.
Qari is a new lifestyle brand that offers a fully automated eScooter-sharing service in Tbilisi based on a short-term, self-service rental model. We established a free-floating network of sharing eMopeds via a mobile application that allows the user to locate, rent and operate an eScooter in Tbilisi. Qari is envisioned to provide a cheap and eco-friendly transport solution, providing an alternative way to get around Tbilisi. Our company is the first provider of the eMopeds sharing in Tbilisi at this scale. Tbilisi experiences a high volume of traffic, particularly during rush hours. The implementation of the eScooter sharing system addresses this issue, whilst meeting other objectives such as reducing emissions and noise pollution and providing alternative means for residents and tourists to get around the city. Join the network and download the mobile app today.

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