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Qari Electric
How To Ride
  • Find and Book
    Find and Book

    Find the nearest available electric car in the app

  • Please Check and Report Damage
    Please Check and Report Damage

    Drivers are accountable for the car's condition. Please report any car damage

  • Key is placed on magnetic holder
    Key is placed on magnetic holder

    Insert the key into the ignition and turn it. Ready: the car is ready to drive

  • Gearbox

    The gearbox is located on the left downside of the seat

  • Wear seat belt
    Wear seat belt

    Fasten your seat belt for your safety

  • End Drive
    End Drive

    Park the car in any parking area in the city. Follow the parking rules

  • Take Photo
    Take Photo

    In the photo, try to show as much as possible how the car is parked

  • Doors

    Pull the orange belt on the left side of the steering wheel to open the doors

  • Reverse Doors
    Reverse Doors

    Remember that car doors are reversible.