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Qari Electric
How To Ride
  • Download & Register
    Download & Register

    Download Qari App on your smartphone (iOS or Android), register, and upload your driver’s license. Add payment method.

  • Find Qari
    Find Qari

    Available e-mopeds are shown on the map. Tap on the nearest to reserve it. The First 5 minutes of reservation are free. There’s a QR code by the steering wheel. Scan it with the APP and there you go - moped is activated.

  • Damage Report
    Damage Report

    First things first - closely inspect the moped. Report any damage by using reporting button in Qari App, send photos, and select which parts are damaged.

  • Unlock

    Once the e-moped is switched on, you will hear a tone and see the screen light up. The next step is the helmet.

  • Wear a Helmet
    Wear a Helmet

    Open the Tail Box with the red button. You should see there two different-sized helmets. If anything is missing, let us know by reporting it from Qari App or contact our customer support. Put on a single-use hygienic cap and fasten your helmet well.

  • Get Ready
    Get Ready

    Take the moped off the stand and position it for riding.

  • Start Qari
    Start Qari

    Press the “Start” button (the green one, on the right handle) and hold until the screen reads “Ready.”

  • Ride

    Our operating zones are marked on the map - this is where we ride. Take care of yourself and others - especially during or after rain and when going down a steep hill. Qari Electric moves without a sound, so signals and mirrors will come in handy. And of course - follow the traffic rules.

  • Park

    Park your ride in any of our “green“ parking zones. Be mindful of pedestrians and other passengers while parking.

  • Return the Helmets
    Return the Helmets

    Make sure both helmets are in Tail Box before ending your ride. Losing or damaging a helmet will result in a fine.

  • End the Ride
    End the Ride

    Make sure the moped is parked properly and click “End Qari” on your application. Ending rides are allowed only in parking zones (green lines). Please park responsibly

  • Submit a Photo
    Submit a Photo

    Qari App will remind you to send end ride photo of the parked moped. Keep in mind parking rules

  • Pay

    The price is counted by minutes and is charged after the ride. Payment and billing options are chosen before the ride. Click here for costs and offers

  • 100% Electro
    100% Electro

    Qari Electric e-mopeds are eco-friendly, powered completely by electricity. As for recharging the moped’s batteries - we take care of that.

  • Questions?

    If you have any questions, see our F.A.Q. page on our website, or send us an email at:

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