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Qari Electric

Responsibilities and Fines

Qari community values are overall safety and eco-friendliness. Riding our moped and having the Qari membership is an agreement between the riders and Qari team that mutual responsibility and ethical approach to the environment is a priority. Qari will only work when each rider considers another, so there are several responsibilities that every rider should consider:


Informing Damage

Before starting the ride, the rider is required to inspect the moped for damage and list them through the application. This is for the rider to avoid unfair damage obligations. Informing the damage regularly also helps us in identifying mopeds, keeping them up to date and maintaining overall safety of the riders. 

If the rider fails to inform damages before the ride, we will issue a fine: 150 GEL 


Wearing a Helmet

Not wearing a helmet means violating the membership agreement on safety. In such cases, Patrol Police will issue a fine.


Registered Riders Only 

We allow only registered riders to drive the Qari vehicle. If the rider hands the vehicle to the third party, Qari will issue a fine of 500 GEL


Riding Sober

Riding under the influence of alcohol or other substances creates danger for yourself and others. The rider must move carefully, fully focused. 

In case of drunk driving, or driving Qari under the influence of any other substance, Qari will issue a fine of 500 GEL.


Obeying the Traffic Rules

Riding by traffic rules is important for overall safety. The rider must remember that his violations contribute to a risky environment and create danger for him/herself and others. 

If the rider will not follow the traffic rules, the patrol police will fine him/her and we will suspend the Qari account of the rider temporarily. 


The Number of Moped Passengers

Only one or two people can use the moped. Besides damaging the moped, over two passengers are at a risk of an accident. Please do not bring over one friend to the ride, otherwise the patrol police will fine you. If the event will damage the moped, subsequent obligations will be imposed on the rider. 


Moving Loads With Qari

The maximum load that a moped can carry is 180 kilograms. Do not use the moped to transport the heavy items. If such an event will result in moped damage, subsequent obligations will be issued towards the rider. 


Power Supply Control

Qari mopeds are electric, and our team recharges its batteries. The rider should pay attention to the battery and return the moped to Qari ending zones until the battery is empty.

If the rider will leave the moped outside Qari ending zone because of an empty battery, the fine of 100 GEL will be issued.


Pausing the Moped Correctly 

The rider should pause the moped only in the areas allowed by the City Hall. While parking, he should consider other passengers and should not interfere with pedestrians, scroll or bicycle users.

Incorrect positioning of the moped in a pause mode will cause a fine, issued by the Patrol Police. If the moped is taken away by the City Hall Service because of incorrect parking, an additional fine will be issued by Qari, amounting in 200 GEL.


Ending the Ride Only in Qari Ending Zones

Before completing the ride, one must always make sure that the moped is returned in the Qari ending zone (the area marked in green in the application's map). If the moped is not at the station after completion of the ride, we will not be able to recharge its batteries and the next rider will not be able to use it.

If you end the ride outside the Qari zone, the moped return service will issue a fine from 200 to 500 GEL, depending on the distance of transportation.


Returning the Helmets

In order for someone else to use the moped after the ride, it is the rider's responsibility to return both helmets to the box.

In case of loss of the helmet, the rider will be fined 300 GEL

If the rider accidentally leaves the helmet somewhere, or expropriates it, the rider will be obligated to pay 3 GEL per each hour before the return.

In case of avoiding the responsibility of returning the helmet, the fine of 300 GEL will be issued, and your Qari account will be closed.


Moped Maintenance Upon Ending the Ride 

The rider has to place the moped back on the stand, return both helmets and other accessories back in the box, lock it well and complete the ride from the application.

Abandoning the moped without ending the ride, or missing any of the steps above, will result in a fine of  200 GEL

The Rider is obliged to leave the moped in an orderly and clean condition. Qari will impose a fine of 20 GEL for pollution of the moped.


Damage While Driving

Whether it is a minor cosmetic damage or significant damage to the vehicle, the rider should stop using Qari immediately after the event, stop the moped in a safe place and notify the Qari team of the damage.

If the rider avoids to notify the damage, or misses any of the steps above, we will impose a fine of 150 GEL.