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Qari Electric
  • Ride Sober
    Ride Sober

    This is one’s extremely important request - don’t drive under the influence.

  • Wear a Helmet
    Wear a Helmet

    Put on a single-use hygienic cap and fasten your helmet well. After the ride put both helmets back in the tail box and throw the cap into the bin.

  • Ride by the Rules
    Ride by the Rules

    Follow the traffic rules and use Qari within the range of our riding zones. check the map to review our operating area.

  • Ride with Respect
    Ride with Respect

    Avoid bike lanes and pedestrian lanes.

  • Over 16
    Over 16

    You can register on Qari from the age of 16. Also, you’ll need a driver’s license.

  • Mirrors and Horn
    Mirrors and Horn

    Qari moves without a sound, so signals and mirrors will come in handy often.

  • No Headphones
    No Headphones

    It’s important to be aware of the surrounding traffic dynamic, that’s why we recommend you to put away your headphones while riding.

  • Mind the Rain
    Mind the Rain

    Be extra-cautious while riding in rain, try to avoid the pavements and slippery slopes.

  • Only Two Riders
    Only Two Riders

    You can pick one friend up - no more. Also, refrain from transporting heavy objects.